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2020-2021 Prospective CAB Member Survey

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Thank you for your interest in serving on the CollegeSource Client Advisory Board!

The Client Advisory Board, or "CAB," is comprised of 4-8 individuals who are employees of institutions that purchase one or more CollegeSource products. The purpose of the CAB is to serve as a liaison between the company and its base of users, representing the community by collecting feedback from users, organizing it, and relaying that information to the company in a clear manner. CAB members also represent the company to the users by relaying news, helping to organize and energize the user base, and welcoming new community members. At times the CAB serves in an advisory capacity, providing critical input/commentary on company goals, policies, product development, etc.

Please complete the form below to apply.
1. Please provide the following information:
4. Would you describe yourself as a functional or technical user?
6. Are you able to devote sufficient time to the CAB, which includes monthly phone meetings, attending and presenting at the CollegeSource Annual Conference, and community outreach?
11. CollegeSource hosts an Annual Conference each June. The Client Advisory Board hosts its annual face-to-face meeting at the conference. Are you planning to attend or would your institution support you in attending during your CAB tenure?