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CC Winter Class of 2021 Application

Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Children's Corps! This application is for our inaugural Winter 2021 CC Class. Before moving forward, take a minute and make sure the following are true for you:
  1. I have/will have received my Bachelor's or Masters Degree by December 31, 2020
  2.  I am able to participate in the 4-week pre-service training in January 2021
  3. I can begin working full time on February 1, 2021

If the above is not true for you, consider applying for our Summer CC Class. Training for the Summer Class starts in July 2021 and you can expect to be working full time in August 2021. For more information, visit our website here.


Keep in mind that this application is lengthy. Take your time and ask someone to proofread your answers, for spelling, grammar, and completion, before submitting your application. This is especially important because each short answer has many parts to it. You can save your application and continue working on it at a later time. To do so, click on the prompt at the top of any page and follow the directions.

If you do not receive the link to your application or have questions about your eligibility,  please email Children's Corps at 

complete application includes the following pages:
  1. Contact Information
  2. Self-Screening Assessment
  3. Additional Applicant Information
  4. Educational Background
  5. Employment History
  6. Short Answer Questions (2)
  7. Personal Essay
  8. Interview Information
  9. Affirmation

*Please note that upon entering Children's Corps, your application will be shared with a Children's Corps partner agency who will become your direct employer.