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Substantive Change Form

Program Contact Information

Accredited programs are required to notify (in writing) from the Commission for any substantive change. Some substantive changes require approval prior to including that change in the accredited program (see the Substantive Change policy in the Accreditation Manual: Policies and Procedures p.29).

Format and Submission Requirements

Programs must complete the following Substantive Change Form and provide all supporting documentation as instructed. Any supporting documentation must be in one document, in a PDF format with bookmarks linked to the individual components. The bookmarks MUST follow the order of the individual components. The PDF document must not exceed 25 MB in size.
1. Program Information.
Degree Program(s) the change(s) applies to *This question is required.
2. Current Program Director Contact Information
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3. Substantive Change InformationPlease select one or more.
The following substantive changes require approval of the Commission prior to implementation:
The following substantive changes require notification to the Commission:
Post-Degree Program - Program Director Change – Additional Questions  *This question is required.
Does your post-degree programs offer: 

Does your program have sufficient AAMFT Approved Supervisors on the core faculty (consistent with the program’s mission, goals, and outcomes)?

Choose the type of change in content or method of delivery/instruction below: *This question is required.
Please apply for Initial Accreditation for this program.