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COVID-19 Recovery Benchmarking Survey

1. Which industry best describes your operations?
4. Location
5. Are you utilizing remote work when possible?
If yes what percentage of employees?
If yes how long do you anticipate working remotely
6. Does your company have work areas set up with barriers or social distancing considerations?
7. Has your company adjusted clock-in and clock-out activities?
8. Are masks required at your operations?
9. Does your company have adequate access to hygiene and ppe supplies?
10. Have adequate cleaning and sanitization plans been implemented?
11. Are you conducting employee and visitor screenings?
12. Has adequate signage been updated or placed in your facilities?
13. Do you have a contact tracing plan?
14. Do you have an employee quarantine plan?
15. Has appropriate training been developed and delivered?
16. Do you have a return to work plan for suspected or confirmed cases?
18. Would you like to receive a personalized copy of the benchmarking report or a follow up from our Risk Control Department?
Which would you prefer?
Who should we contact?