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POSTPONED - Online Workshop: The Science Behind the 2020 Explore Science: Earth and Space Toolkit B – Virtual Tour of a NASA MoonLab

Due to unfortunate circumstances, this workshop (originally scheduled for October 13th, 2020) has been postponed to a later date. Please feel free to RSVP below to be notified once this workshop has been rescheduled. 

How do engineers and scientists prepare to return to the moon?  By placing 6 tons of simulated lunar regolith in one of the coolest "sandboxes" on Earth.  This online workshop covers the science behind several of the 2020 Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkit B activities. After a brief overview of how this toolkit focuses on the moon, our guest presenter, Joe Minafra, Lead for Innovation and Technical Partnerships for the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute at NASA Ames Research Center, will show us his lab, a simulated lunar landscape, and answer questions about how NASA uses his lab to test equipment to explore the moon.

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