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Online Teaching Pop-in Evaluation

Online Teaching Evaluation

Using the 4-point Likert Scale, (1-Does not meet, 2-Meets some, 3-Meets standards, 4-Exceeds standards), please rate the teachers according to the following online teaching criteria:

Academic Preparation: The teacher meets the professional teaching standards set by Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High.
5. Meets JJS/Castleson High’s teaching standards in the learning area in which he or she is teaching. *This question is required.
6. Knows the content of the subject to be taught and understands how to teach the content to students online. *This question is required.
7. Starts live classes on time and uses the time wisely for content focused, inquiry-based, inter-active online class discussions.. *This question is required.
8. Facilitates the construction of knowledge through an understanding of how students learn in specific subject areas. *This question is required.
Online Teaching Policy Compliance: The teacher consistently complies with the online teaching policies set by Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High.
9. Makes an eye to eye contact with students by glancing at the camera from time to time. Avoids reading lessons from power points and crafts engaging activities to boost students’ participation rate. *This question is required.
10. Manages real-time virtual instructions efficiently to ensure quality contents are delivered because online courses operate on a compressed schedule. *This question is required.
11. Tells students encouraging words and gives them positive feed backs. Makes a habit of thanking all students at the end of the conference. *This question is required.
12. Wears appropriate formal attire or JJS/Castleson High Schools’ Official T-shirt with collar during live classes. *This question is required.

Content Knowledge and Skills for Instructional Technology: The teacher has pre-requisite technology skills or has acquired skills from training to teach online.
13. Demonstrates effective use of Internet browsers, e-mail applications and appropriate online etiquette. *This question is required.
14. Demonstrates the ability to modify and add content and assessment, using an online Learning Management System (LMS) or Schoology. *This question is required.
15. Utilizes synchronous and asynchronous tools (e.g. discussion boards/Jamboard, chat tools, embedded assessment such as Kahoot) effectively. *This question is required.
16. Demonstrates the ability to effectively use and incorporate subject-specific and developmentally appropriate software and applications in an online learning environment. *This question is required.