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AXA Drives Your Happiness

Please complete this survey to be eligible to participate in the 'AXA Drives Your Happiness Campaign' which runs from 16th September until 15th December 2020. 

All feedback will be kept confidential. Please visit to review and read the AXA Privacy and PDP Policy.
1. Please give your star rating to the following characteristics to share about your motor insurance buying experience. If an item is not applicable, please select 'N/A'. *This question is required.
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Efficiency / Smoothness
Information Displayed
Cashless / Contact-less Payment
Overall Buying Experience
2. On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend AXA Motor Insurance to your family members and friends?
Not likely at allExtremely likely
(eg: 911111-01-1111)
7. Are you an employee of AXA, companies within the AXA Group of companies and their associates, affiliates or subsidiaries, including their immediate family members, intermediaries, agents or anyone connected or involved in the administration of this Campaign? *This question is required.