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Controlled Access Application

Please complete and submit this form if you plan to install electric heat on the Controlled Access Rate.
1. Applicant *This question is required.
e.g. 218-555-5555
2. Electrician *This question is required.
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In the state of Minnesota jurisdictional area, the electrician or homeowner must complete a “Request for Electrical Inspection” form and provide Minnesota Power with a copy of the state form.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Total wattage / 1000 = _____________ kW
5. Electric Heating Panel - Main Breaker Size (Amps) *This question is required.
100 Amps125 Amps150 Amps200 AmpsOver 200 Amps
6. Please check those that apply
Building Structure *This question is required.
When Controlled Access is being added to your existing home/business, describe the new service *This question is required.
Electric Heating System *This question is required.
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The Controlled Access Rate is an interruptible electric heating rate.
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