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Macmillan Influencer & Reviewer Submission Form


We have created the form below in an effort to broaden the group of Influencers and reviewers who request and are chosen to receive books from us or our authors. To ensure that books for review are getting into the hands of a more diverse and inclusive group of early readers, we are asking for additional background information. It is entirely optional to provide this information.

We will add the information you provide us to the Macmillan Influencer & Reviewer Database. This information is used within Macmillan* to help ensure that we have a diverse group of reviewers and to determine if there are additional influencers and reviewers who should receive review copies from us or our authors for upcoming advance review campaigns.  Your information may also be shared with authors and others to provide transparency about our reviewer selection process. To request access to or deletion of your information (or to withdraw from the Database entirely), please email Please note that while you can withdraw your consent for Macmillan to use and disclose my information at any time, this will not affect the lawfulness of our use and disclosure before the withdrawal. See Macmillan Privacy Notice.

By submitting this form, I warrant that I am over 18 years old and that the information provided on the Macmillan Influencer & Reviewer Form is accurate and true. I understand that my information will be added to the Macmillan Influencer & Reviewer Database. My information will be publicly available within Macmillan and may be shared with authors or other parties in connection with your reviews. I grant Macmillan the right to retain, use and disclose my information, either alone or accompanied by other material, in connection with influencer and review services. I understand that submitting my information does not entitle me to any compensation and does not imply that I will be selected as an influencer or reviewer. I further agree that I will not hold Macmillan or any author responsible for any claims or liability resulting from the use or disclosure of my information for readership or review purposes.

*“Macmillan” includes Macmillan Publishing Group, LLC, Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC and Holtzbrinck Publishing Holding Limited Partnership and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates and brands. *This question is required.