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A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1002 Quiz 29

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from GoCertify

1. You suspect malicious software is running on a client’s computer and need to explain the situation to them so they can seek authorization to compensate you for working on the problem. What term is often used for an infected computer?
2. Which keyboard combination will lock the computer when currently at the desktop in Windows?
3. Degaussing is a method of destroying data on magnetic hard drives. It accomplishes this by using which of the following?
4. Which editions of Windows 10 include support for DirectAccess VPN technology?
5. Which regulatory/compliance policy applies to publicly traded companies and is enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission?
6. In the Windows operating system, where are deleted files placed before being permanently removed from the system?
7. When turning on your computer after checking into the hotel, you are redirected to a site requiring you to enter your name, room, and other authenticating information before you can go to any other site. What is this known as?
8. A salesman has been issued a cable lock from his manager and told to use it with his laptop when making lengthy sales visits. The salesman is concerned about how to use it and you assure him that the lock should fit into what slot on his laptop?
9. Which edition of Windows 10 does not include Cortana?
10. With Linux, which of the following options may be used with the ls command to see the contents of a directory in a long listing format?