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Lung Champions

Do you want to be a Lung Champion and share your story?

Lung Champions stand together against lung cancer and other lung diseases, and stand for lung health. By participating in Freedom From Smoking you have already shown one of the ways you are standing for lung health. If you would like to help others by sharing your story on why you decided to take action, you can become a Lung Champion Storyteller by completing this form.
We need your voice to help others stand up for lung health.
  • Have you facilitated a Freedom from Smoking class?
  • Have you participated in a Freedom From Smoking program?
  • Have you seen the changes Freedom From Smoking can create in people's lives?
Everyone involved with Freedom from Smoking has a story to tell. You can share your story and inspire others to quit smoking, stay smoke free, and stand up for lung health! A Lung Champion is someone just like you, and now you have a chance to help others.

Your story will be shared on the website, and potentially featured in the
American Lung Association social media posts and newsletters to help inspire those in the fight against lung cancer and lung disease.