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HealthyMealz Planz 2

Welcome to our meal plan selection process!
Lets begin.....Our Quick Meal Plan Summary:

1) You will eat 6 to 7 meal items per day (depending on your specific program). If you have no particular dietary restrictions, choose the Simple-Healthy diet. This diet offers all of what is excluded from a vegetarian diet. Meat, for example, is used in our Simple-Healthy meals.   

2) Deliveries are done Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evening/nights . You may have them daily need be, but you would incur more delivery charges. 
                 -Delivery Charges are $5/per-delivery for most of Miami (Ultimately varies depending on location of client)
                 -Example: The food we delivery Sunday afternoon is your food for Monday and Tuesday.   

Does this all seem confusing? Or do you want this done asap? Call us at 305 780 2869 instead and we’ll get you set up in our program right away.
* Some locations do vary and so your delivery charge is sent to you separately from this order later once we determine delivery location