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The Power of Platforms

TSIA's Rapid Research Response effort is designed to help technology and service leaders understand emerging challenges and tactics to achieve desired outcomes.
Participants will have access to real time results upon submission, and will also receive follow-up results, analysis, and dashboards as soon as they become available.

1. Which best describes your company?
2. Is your company a PLATFORM provider?A PLATFORM is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed. Examples include Computing Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), Database platforms (Oracle, No SQL), Analytics platforms (Tableau, MongoDB, Hadoop, MS Azure), Application platforms (e.g. Salesforce’s Platforms typically expose their functionality through service APIs.
3. What best describes your ecosystem?
4. Is your company an active part of another platform company's ecosystem?
How many partners are in your platform's ecosystem?
Do you showcase your ecosystem via an online marketplace?
Do you provide e-commerce capabilities for your partners in your marketplace?
Do you provide standardized platform analytics to your partners?
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