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Amherst Emergency Rental Program Pre-Application

Before completing this pre-application, please make sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria at You will be contacted after completing this pre-application by Community Action to schedule an appointment to complete the full application and submit the required documentation. This pre-application alone does not qualify you for assistance. Assistance is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Asistencia para completar la aplicación en español está disponible llamando al 413-475-1570.
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10. Language: *This question is required.
11. Family Type *This question is required.
12. Are you currently living in a rental unit in the town of Amherst? You must be currently living in Amherst to be eligible for this program. *This question is required.
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14. Is anyone in your household a full-time student for more than 5 months in a calendar year?  If all members of your household are full-time students, you may not be eligible for assistance. Exceptions apply for parents who are students with school-age children.  *This question is required.
15. Do you currently live in a federally or state subsidized apartment such as Section 8, Public Housing, Project-based or MRVP which reduces the amount of rent you pay each month?  *This question is required.
16. Are you currently receiving any rent help from the RAFT or HomeBase program? If you answer YES to this question, you are not eligible for this program. *This question is required.
17. Has your total household income been reduced since April 1, 2020 due to the spread of Covid-19? *This question is required.
19. Is your total gross household income (before taxes) below 80% of the area median income? See chart below. Your income must be below the limits below in order to be eligible.
Household Size 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person 5 person 6 person 7 person 8 person
Income Limit $47,850 $54,650 $61,500 $68,300 $73,800 $79,250 $84,700 $90,200
*This question is required.
20. Are you currently behind on your rent? *This question is required.
21. Do you have a checking or a savings account?  *This question is required.
22. How did you hear about this program?
23. Is there anyone helping you with this application? If yes, please list their name and contact information. By providing us with their contact information you are giving us permission to contact them. *This question is required.