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Lex Fridman Podcast Survey

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and love I've gotten since starting this podcast over 2 years ago. As in all things, I would like to keep improving. In some cases, I follow my inner voice and make decisions based on that. But in some cases my inner voice has nothing to say and then it helps to hear the thoughts of others who enjoy listening to this podcast. A few notes:
  • Whenever I mention a "podcast" for the rest of the survey, I'm referring to the "Lex Fridman Podcast".
  • Any personal information in this survey is optional, but appreciated. It will be kept 100% private.
  • I add an "Other" field with write-in. Please try to only use it when none of the other options are even close to fitting your answer.
  • If you choose to provide your name and email later, I promise to not look at how you answered. It doesn't matter to me. Please be honest. I'm going to only look at aggregate numbers and the text comments without looking who they came from.

1. How often do you listen to / watch the Lex Fridman Podcast?
2. How do you usually listen to or watch it?
3. Are you Patreon supporter?
The following are some questions about ad reads for sponsors. I want to maximize the quality of the listening experience and also maximize effectiveness of ads when I do have them. My current structure is:
  1. Introduce the guest (~1 minute)
  2. Short shoutout: Shoutout sponsors and ask that you check them out in the description (~10 seconds)
  3. Give my thoughts related to the topic of the episode (~1 minute)
  4. Full ad reads: 2-4 ad reads 1 minute each (~2-4 minutes)
  5. Actual conversation (1-4+ hours)
  6. Outro shoutout: Shoutout sponsors and ask that you check them out in the description (~10 seconds)
  7. Outro quote I like
Some notes:
  • Timestamps: I provide timestamps so you could skip but try to make the ad reads unique and interesting so if you do listen it's at least somewhat fun.
  • Midroll ads: I've been a fan of the Joe Rogan experience for a long time and always like that he didn't do ads in the middle that, to me, break the flow of the conversation. A LOT of sponsors try to talk me into midroll ads. My inner voice says no. Everything else ads-related I'm unsure about and would love to hear what you think. I even ask about midroll ads just to see what people think.
4. Do you listen to the ad read I do?
PS: Please, please be honest. I won't judge.
5. Have you ever checked out the sponsors by clicking on the special link, buying, or downloading their app?
6. Which of the following would you suggest to improve the ad reads? Click all that apply. Provide other ideas, if you have them, in the next question.
8. I'm considering removing the full ad reads from the YouTube video (keeping them for the audio podcast) and leaving in just the ~5-10 second shoutout in the beginning. How happy would this make you?
9. Before the ads (whether we remove them on YouTube or not) I introduce the guest and also give my thoughts on the topic for ~2 minutes. Do you like this or would you rather I go straight to conversation without the intro.
10. Should I do midroll ads (aka ads in the middle of the conversation)?
I'm hoping to build a small inner circle of folks who would enjoy occasionally advising the direction of the podcast. This includes discussions on email and/or group Zoom calls. I'm sorry I have to say the following, but I've been fortunate to get a bit of attention lately so there has to be some rules for this inner circle: This is not a chance to work with me directly on either the startup nor the podcast, nor is it a chance to connect with me as a friend or a romantic partner. This is simple a chance to support the podcast by donating your advice and wisdom. 

If you are interested in the above please fill out the following questions, otherwise leave them blank. As I said in the intro, any personal information will be be kept 100% private.
12. Would you like to join in on the group that gives advice for the various questions that come up for me related to the podcast?
This question requires a valid email address.