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SDG Help Desk Survey

Can You Help Us?

We are evaluating the SDG Help Desk so that we can improve our service. If you could spare us a couple of minutes to answer a few very quick survey questions, it would really help us a lot. Thank you!
1. Is this the first time you have visited the SDG Help Desk?  *This question is required.
2. If you have visited before, how many times do you normally visit? *This question is required.
2. What is your affiliation?  *This question is required.
3. How would you best describe your role?  *This question is required.
4. Please nominate your gender  *This question is required.
5. Pick the THREE features of the SDG Help Desk website you will use and value the most *This question is required.
6. Please consider the following statements and indicate how much you agree/disagree *This question is required.
Space Cell Disagree StronglyDisagreeNo OpinionAgreeStrongly Agree
I find the SDG Help Desk well-designed, easy to use and logical to navigate
I like the way I can search for resources by individual SDGs
I value that the SDG Help Desk has resources from a wide variety of partners and sources
I value that the SDG Help Desk has information on practical success stories from the Asia-Pacific region
I value that the SDG Help Desk has easy access to E-learning courses related to the SDGs
I think that being able to use the SDG Help Desk helps me have more impact on implementing the SDGs