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Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes Survey: Outreach & Evaluation Criteria

We want to hear from you!

Following approval of a project corridor, SFMTA’s Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes will be evaluated once they are installed. Evaluation criteria provided by the community will be used, along with metrics that the SFMTA has established. This ensures we can tweak projects to meet the needs of the community and Muni customers.

Please take this short survey to provide your input.  (* Required) Please note: This is for reporting purposes only and your responses will not be associated with your identity.
1. For which Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes project are you providing feedback? *This question is required.
2. How did you hear about the project? (Select all that apply)
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3. What are the most important metrics to evaluate the success of these temporary emergency transit lanes? (Select all that apply)
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4. What are your preferred ways to provide feedback on the temporary emergency transit lanes, once they are installed? (Select all that apply)
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5. Did you attend an SFMTA community meeting or public hearing about the project?
6. Please rate how you feel about the following statements:
Space Cell Strongly AgreeSomewhat AgreeNeither agree nor disagreeSomewhat DisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon’t Know/ Not Sure
Project materials and community meeting information were easy to understand.
I had the opportunity for my feedback to be heard and questions answered.