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Become a Youth Mental Health First Aider!

The Department is pleased to offer Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) training sessions this year.

The YMHFA training helps teachers and other school staff to recognize, support, and refer to professional mental health services, if needed, students who may be experiencing mental health or substance use challenges and/or may be in crisis. This training is particularly important to offer at this time as we are all navigating the challenges related to COVID-19 and heightened national discourse related to our country's long history of institutional racism. As we return to in person learning, it is likely that teachers and other school staff will engage with increased numbers of students who report and demonstrate changes in mood as well as more intense feelings of anxiety and stress.

Though school mental health professionals may find this training to be helpful, the intended audience is individuals without mental health training. It is designed to help any adults in your school community who work or interact with young people.

Please refer to this YMHFA one-pager for an overview of the training. Please note that there is required pre-work (2-hours) to be completed before the virtual session takes place. This work must be completed at least one day prior to the virtual session.

Request a session for your district.
Please complete Question #4 to request to host up to two sessions for your school or district (for up to 30 people each session).


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3. As we consider additional training dates and times, please let us know your level of interest in attending sessions during each of the following timeframes.
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Saturday morning (8:00 AM - 12:30 PM)
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