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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-301 Quiz 4

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following are true about Gigabit Ethernet? (Choose two)
2. What is the backoff on an Ethernet network?
3. Your network has been assigned as the network address. You have determined that you need 70 subnets. Which subnet mask value should you select to provide 70 subnets?
4. You need to connect a router to a subnet. The subnet uses the IP address You are instructed to assign the last IP address on the subnet to the router. Which IP address will you use?
5. You want to configure OSPF to run only on the interface with an IP address of, and you want to associate the interface with Area 3. Which of the following commands will accomplish your goal?
6. Which of the following connects two areas?
7. You have physically added a wireless access point to your network and installed a wireless networking card in two laptops running Windows. Neither laptop can find the network, and you have concluded that you must manually configure the wireless access point (AP).

Which of the following values uniquely identifies the network AP?
8. You have been hired to troubleshoot a wireless connectivity issue for two separate networks located within a close proximity. Both networks use a WAP from the same manufacturer, and all settings remain configured to the default with the exception of SSIDs

Which of the following might you suspect as the cause of the connectivity problems?
9. During a heavy network traffic period, the maximum traffic rate is exceeded. To handle this, QoS drops all incoming traffic. Which QoS method is being used?
10. Data on the network is being processed as it comes in. Which QoS method is being used?
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