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Knox County Planned Residential Zone Review

Please complete this survey regarding the PR (Planned Residential) zone in Knox County to help inform updates to the district requirements.

The existing zoning ordinance language for the PR (Planned Residential) zone in the Knox County Zoning Ordinance can be located here:
1. Are you familiar with the PR (Planned Residential) Zoning District in the Knox County Zoning Ordinance?
2. Should there be specific landscaping requirements in the PR zone?
3. Should there be different PR zones that would allow different uses (e.g., PR-1 for single-family houses, PR-2 for multi-family apartments, townhomes, etc., and PR-3 for mixed-use developments)?
4. Should developments in the PR zone require a minimum development area? (e.g. 5 acres or more)
5. Should there be a building height restriction in the PR zone? Typically buildings are limited to three stories or 35 feet.
6. Should Neighborhood Commercial development be permitted within the PR zone district?
7. What are some potential open space/recreational uses that could be included in the PR zone?
10. Should open space/recreational uses be required to be identified during the approval process?
11. A periphery boundary setback of 35 feet to 15 feet is required in the PR zone district. Should accessory structures (e.g. sheds, in-ground pools, detached garages, etc...) be permitted in the peripheral setback?
12. If yes, should this be limited to certain types of structures or reduced height?
12. At the time of application for a rezoning to a PR (Planned Residential) zone district should a concept plan be required to be submitted?