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Client Application

Dear Mental Health Professional, 

Thank you for your interest in referring your client to Compeer of Greater Buffalo. Our organization serves as an extra layer of support for individuals receiving mental health service. We currently offer 1-to-1, group, school based, and community-based programs.
We believe that our volunteers, through the healing power of friendship, contribute to the mental well-being of those we serve. 

Please review the Client Eligibility Requirements, Client Referral/Intake Process and Partner Responsibilities before proceeding with your full application:

Eligibility Requirements

•    is age 6 or older 
•    has a primary diagnosis of an identified mental health disorder, and if they also have a developmental disorder it is not the primary diagnosis.
•    is receiving mental health counseling/treatment at the time of referral
•    is interested in receiving services from Compeer
•    is in the recovery phase of their illness and:
  • is not verbally or physically aggressive
  • does not have thoughts to harm self or others
  • is not acutely suicidal

Client Referral/Intake Process

Match Process

When a client is accepted and is interested in a 1-to-1 friendship, matches are made based on several factors such as age, culture, personality traits, interests, level of client need, level of experience of the volunteer, and geographical location. The information you provide in the application will help us make the best possible match, so being as thorough as possible is helpful. Based on compatibility matching, it is difficult to predict how long it will take to find an appropriate volunteer for your client. Once a client is accepted into the program, they are eligible to attend our free social activities while waiting to be matched and can continue participating in these activities during and after their match has ended. Volunteers and clients in our 1-to-1 friendship program are committing to a 1-year friendship. While it may last longer at both the client and volunteer’s agreement, this is not an expectation. Compeer staff help support the ending of a match, and the client then graduates from our 1-to-1 program! They are welcome and encouraged to participate in Compeer’s social activities as long as all Compeer partners believe it is continuing to support their mental wellbeing!

Compeer Partner Responsibilities