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Client Application

Dear Mental Health Professional, 

Thank you for your interest in referring your client to Compeer of Greater Buffalo. 
Compeer Buffalo operates four core programs, each focusing on friendship and supportive relationships to encourage mental wellness. These include 1-to-1 friend/mentoring, group social activities, school-based mentoring, and Mental Health Education (including the evidenced based curriculum for Mental Health First Aid).

This referral serves as consideration to enroll your client in either a 1-to-1 friend/mentor experience or school based mentoring (school based is only available for students enrolled in schools listed on the referral form). We match 1-to-1 friendships based upon compatibility, which may result in a client waiting for an extended period of time. Eligible referrals can begin to engage with Compeer by attending social activities while waiting to be matched and after a match has concluded.

When completing the referral, the more detail you provide to Compeer, the better understanding we have of appropriateness for the program and important factors for a match. As a reminder, all individuals you are referring must reside in Erie County, New York. To find a program in another area please visit