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R2G's Survey on telemedicine solutions for patients


Welcome to the Research2Guidance survey about telemedicine for patients!

This survey is conducted by Research2guidance, a digital health analyst company.

The main goals of this survey are:
  • Identify the level of acceptance today and in the near future of telemedicine
  • Identify barriers and improvement areas

For the purpose of this survey Telemedicine is defined as tools that support video or chat-based consultation services between a doctor and a patient.

Take part in the survey if you have used telemedicine in the past or currently using telemedicine solutions.

Take part in the survey and:
  • Contribute to the research about how telemedicine can support the HCPs and patient communication especially during COVID-19 times
  • Influence what is offered 
  • Exchange your ideas of how telemedicine services should be offered

We are very grateful for your time. This survey should take 5-7 minutes at most to complete. 

Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. Thank you for your contribution.
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