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Elevator Bookings - Updated 2020

Dear Residents,

thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback in regards to the Guard Fee for Elevator Bookings. This survey should only take 2-3 minutes of your time.

1) This survey is only open to Owners of apartments at Emerald City One.
2) This survey will be accessible until Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

All the best,
The Board of Directors of Emerald City One - TSCC 2368
The options are as follows:



Pros Cons
  1. Continue Current Policy:
The person using the elevator pays for their own Guard.
(1) Each resident pays for their own use of the guard, therefore maintenance fees will not be affected.

(2) The Desk Guard is able to perform his/her duties and be consistently available to assist residents.

(3) Significantly less damage to the building- cost of repairs and illegal disposals is minimized for all owners.
(1) Fee charged to the resident booking the elevator.
  1. Spread Out the Costs to ALL Owners via Maintenance Fees*:
The cost of all the Guards hired for all moves is spread out to all owners.
(1) The Desk Guard is able to perform his/her duties and be consistently available to assist residents.

(2) Less damage to the building- cost of repairs is minimized for all owners.
(1) Maintenance fees will go up by approximately 1% for Elevator Bookings. This accounts for an additional $60-$108 per suite per year, depending on suite size.
  1. Go back to how it was:
Limited availability of desk staff and higher-risk bookings, and no fees for guards.
(1) no guard has to be booked. (1) Maintenance fees will increase accordingly to account for additional damage caused by bookings without a dedicated guard to thoroughly supervise. These repair fees are particularly pricey where extensive elevator damage is concerned.

(2) More damage to the building will be unaccounted for and furniture will be left behind- and the fee to repair and dispose will cost ALL owners via maintenance fees.

(3) the desk guard will be responsible for elevator bookings as well. This will mean that residents may have to wait at the desk for 15-20 minutes before the desk guard is back (following a pre-inspection AND again after the post-inspection), and that Security is often unable to pick up the phone as they may be occupied or in a place without reception.
We would like to ask for your feedback as to which policy you'd like to see going forward. 

Please consider the pros and cons of each option, as provided in the table, and make your choice below.
1. Which option would you like to see going forward? *This question is required.
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