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2020 MSL Salary & Compensation Survey


The Medical Science Liaison Society is conducting the 7th Annual Global MSL Salary & Compensation Survey. We are conducting this once again to gain insights into current global MSL salary and compensation levels and trends across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and other healthcare companies. We will be creating a full report of the results, which we expect to publish by the end of 2020.  

The MSL Society conducted the first-ever MSL salary survey in 2014 and last years' survey had 1,978 MSLs and Managers from 71 countries participate, making it the largest database of MSL salaries in the world! As a result, our salary data is THE most comprehensive, accurate, and authoritative resource on global MSL salary and compensation levels. This year we added several new questions based on feedback from last year's participants.

All salary data throughout all versions are reported in U.S. Dollars for each role (MSL, Manager, Executive Management) to allow respondents to understand their compensation relative to other countries and because the largest number of respondents are from the USA. To ensure accuracy, within the survey, respondents are provided with an external link to convert their compensation, bonus, etc. to U.S. Dollars.

Each year, we hire an external research firm to analyze and calculate the data and spend weeks creating the reports to ensure their accuracy. We will create individual country reports for all those that have a sizable number of participants.  

As with all surveys conducted by the MSL Society, we never sell the data and we provide the full reports FREE to all members of the MSL Society and to anyone who participates and completes the survey. 

PLEASE NOTE: This Survey is ONLY open to current MSLs (or equivalent title) and MSL management!

Please provide accurate responses to every question in order to ensure the reliability of the results. 

LIMITED TIME: All MSLs and Managers who complete the survey will receive the full results of the 2019 Salary Survey which includes a total of 854 slides after completing the 2020 survey. You will immediately receive an email with a link to download the full report. 

Questions you may have:

Why Should I Participate in This Survey?
Participants who complete the survey will help further build an understanding of the full salary data for MSLs and how important factors such as therapeutic area, geographic region, years of experience, and educational background influence salary levels. We will share the results with the global MSL community. 
Will I Receive the Results of This Survey?
Yes, if you provide your name and email address at the end of the survey, we will email you the FULL results of the survey when the report is published. After completing the survey you will receive a confirmation email immediately, so please ensure your email is accurate. This is the same email address we will use to send you the full report when it is published.  
Are My Responses Kept Confidential?

Yes, your responses will be kept strictly confidential; all data is blinded and aggregated to maintain confidentiality.
This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. You MUST complete the entire survey to receive the full results.

Thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to sharing the results with you!

Please share this survey with all your MSL colleagues.