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Orange County Schools Re-Entry Parent/Guardian Survey September 2020

Background:  The safety, health and well-being of our students and staff continues to be our number one priority.  At the request of the Orange County Board of Education and in collaboration with the Orange County Department of Health, the district created the Metrics Monitoring Task Force, composed of students, teachers, classified staff, parents, principals, community members, central office staff, and health experts. The purpose of the Task Force is to watch trends for four weeks prior to making a recommendation to the Orange County Board of Education.  The four metrics being monitored in collaboration with the Orange County Health Department are the:
  1. daily case count
  2. cumulative case count
  3. trends in types of COVID-like illnesses
  4. percent of positive tests
The Task Force will make a recommendation to the OCS Board of Education based on the four metrics as well other factors, such as staff and family survey feedback. The Task Force recommendation regarding shifting to Plan B will be made to the OCS Board of Education at their upcoming board meeting on September 28th.

Metric Data Points:
Purpose: The purpose of this survey is for parents/caretakers to provide feedback on their comfort level returning students to school under Plan B: Hybrid (in-person and remote learning).

We are asking parents/caretakers members to complete this survey.  Your feedback is very important to Orange County Schools.  
Please submit a survey for each student in your household.
1. Student Information: (If your child’s information is already listed below please add date of birth and go to #2; if not please provide. One student per response.)
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
This question requires a valid email address.
School attending 2020-2021: *This question is required.
Student's Grade Level
2. Given current conditions: *This question is required.
3. OCS will follow all appropriate safety measures.  Given that information, what is your preference for how your child returns to school should the district transition to Plan B?
4. How do you anticipate your child will get to and from school? (Select all that apply.)
5. If your child requires transportation via school bus, select an option below: