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Rio Grande Valley Culligan Installation & Service Tech

Culligan Service Technician Application

Can you move 150lb water treatment units (with a dolly of course, hulk), carry 50lb bags of salt, and make friends in a wink? 


We need a friendly person who likes to find and solve mechanical problems to service & install water treatment systems for our Culligan customers. 


You have more face time with our customers than anyone else in the business so you have to be quite likable and ideally have some plumbing experience. However, if you have a strong mechanical aptitude and desire to learn, we can get you up-to-speed on the plumbing. 


For the record, we've been in the Rio Grande Valley taking care of water for over 45 years. We love our customers, we take great care of them, and we plan to be here for another 45 years (and then some). 


You will receive an excellent comprehensive benefits plan which includes health insurance, vacation, sick and holiday pay, retirement plan, annual evaluations with pay review and year-end bonus potential, as well as an opportunity for advancement and growth. Another fun fact... We have given out a Christmas bonus check every single year since we opened.  


You will get to learn all about water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and whole house filters, there is A LOT to learn about!  We love teaching our team members all about water treatment!


On average our team members have been with us for over 14 years. We provide great benefits, ongoing training, and opportunities to better yourself.


You must have a valid driver’s license. 


Since we are driving trucks in residential neighborhoods and our customers trust us to be in their homes, we have a thorough background check and drug testing program. If you have a troublesome history or multiple recent violations on your driving record, we may not be able to bring you on. 


Neat appearance is a big plus +… and we’ll provide sweet logo’d Culligan gear. 


This is a full time position so you need to be available to work for 8 hours between 7am and 5pm on most days, and at least 40 hours per week. You may be occasionally required to work on Saturdays.


Pay starts at $10.50, however you can start higher if you have relevant plumbing experience, and there is potential for advancement to higher technician levels and pay increases each year!


Fill out the application below to see if you have what it takes… We will contact you by email, phone, or text for an interview.

1. Go ahead. Fill me out.
2. Valid Texas Driver's License?
3. Do you smoke?
4. Driving Violations?
In other words, were you great at turning upset customers into loyal fans? Lifting heavy things without throwing out your back? Installing the new sink in the company break room? Fixing the computers in the office? Generating new sales through learning prospects' needs?
Current jobs... Previous jobs... Future jobs... Whatever you think is most relevant.
We understand that work... Well, it can be work. But we like to have fun people on our team and this is one way for us to learn more about you.
This is your chance to tell us about important parts or your personality that we forgot to ask you about. Go ahead. Brag a little.
10. Still have more awesomeness to share with us? Upload your Resume & we'll take a look!