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Barclayss® Safety Culture Maturity Assessment - All Leaders



Thanks for your interest in completing our short, anonymous assessment of your view of the level of Safety Cultural Maturity within your organisation.

Our assessment has 20 short statements that we'd like you to consider them and see how well they fit your organisation. We've used a simple 5-level scale for you to record your view for each statement.

A large number of the questions refer to the performance of 'Our Leaders'. When answering these questions, please chose a response based on your view of the performance of the majority of leaders (senior, middle and junior) in your organisation, not just your direct line manager. 

There's no right or wrong answers here - just your view. The assessment is completely anonymous, the information that you provide cannot be seen by your employer and it is stored within our electronic storage system. If multiple people from your organisation complete the survey, your company may see a consolidated summary of the combined answers to these questions, but no-one will be able to link any of your answers to you, so please be honest!


The Barclayss® Team