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Welcome! Do you craft as a business? Teach classes on crafting? Whether it's quilting, painting, clothing design, jewelry, paper decorations or any other craft, we’d love your valuable input in order to help shape the future of products found in Michaels for people in the crafting business!

Michaels, one of the largest suppliers of arts and crafts in the United States, is launching a new platform with the goal of bringing together those who teach classes on crafting and makers (crafters) who not only make hand crafted goods, but also have a passion to sell these goods. 

This will be an exciting long-term opportunity to partner with Michaels over the next year AND you have the unique opportunity to be one of the founding members of the program, spaces are limited!

This partnership will allow you to get early access to some of Michaels’ programs and discounts that are exclusive to members of this platform. You will benefit by increased visibility to you and your crafting passion & have the opportunity to scale your business. 

In addition to these benefits, for those that are selected by Michaels to proceed to our last phase of the screening process, we will provide a $20 electronic VISA gift card. We will notify you via email if you are selected to proceed and instructions for receiving your gift card.

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