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CCNA Practice Quiz: 200-301 Quiz 6

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. What term does the OSI model use that is different from the TCP/IP model uses to refer to frame, packet, and segment?
2. What role does ARP play in the routing process?
3. When using the ip summary-address command, which of the following is true?
4. Which of the following describes route summarization?
5. What is the maximum number of paths equal load balancing can support?
6. Which subcommand can be used to add more routes to the table for additional balancing?
7. You are troubleshooting Physical layer issues with the Gi0/1 interface in a router. You need to view and analyze the number of collisions detected on the interface. Which command should you use?
8. You are reviewing the output of the show interfaces command for the Gi0/1 interface on a switch.

Which interface statistic displays the number of collisions that occurred after the 64th byte of the frame was transmitted?
9. The Stuxnet worm was discovered in 2010 and was used to gain sensitive information about Iran's industrial infrastructure. This worm was probably active for about five years before being discovered. During this time, the attacker had access to the target.

Which type of attack was Stuxnet?
10. Which type of threat actor only uses skills and knowledge for defensive purposes?
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