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AvaSure's Virtual Symposium Feedback

Thank you for attending AvaSure's Virtual Symposium. Please take this short survey about your experience. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to make this a premier patient safety event for you and your organization!
1. Overall event experience:
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Overall, how would you rate the virtual event?
Topics/information covered in sessions?
Ease of navigating the virtual event platform?
Virtual networking opportunities?
Registration process?
2. How valuable did you find the information presented during the sessions?
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Keynote: Wes Moore
In Isolation, but NOT alone (Monitoring COVID-19 patients)
Preventing disruptions (Workplace violence, substance abuse)
Tales from the frontline (Monitor staff panel)
Lessons learned monitoring the monitors (Managers insights)
Preventing self harm, remotely (Monitoring suicide risk patients)
Making sure the kids are all right (Monitoring pediatrics)
Keynote: Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber
3. How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend/colleague?  
4. Will you make changes to your organization and/or how you manage patients because of this event?