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20200920 Ann Arbor Teens


We are currently looking for 14-16 year old teens to participate in a confidential research study where, if you were to qualify and be selected, you would be asked to complete another online survey, a 1.5-2 hour phone interview, and then go to a hospital in Ann Arbor, MI to get an fMRI scan. Your name would not be associated with any of the MRI results, these are strictly for research purposes. Every three months after the MRI, you would be sent a 2 minute survey with a few follow-up questions and may be asked back for another fMRI. As a thank you for your time, you'd be compensated the following amounts. 
  • 2 hour phone interview = $50
  • fMRI Scan = $75 minimum, with an opportunity to earn up to $125 total
  • Each 2 minute follow-up survey = $10

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