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2021 ROMBA Team Application

Please complete this form for leadership consideration for the 2021 ROMBA Conference (Update: This is now open to MBA1Ys, MBA2Ys and recent alumni who have graduated in the past five years).  The 2021 ROMBA Conference will be held October 7-9 in Austin, TX if in person.

Since our founding in 1999, teams of LGBT+ MBA & graduate students have been selected to create our conference’s content and be part of an ever-growing legacy of innovation, leadership and education in the LGBT+ community.

Each ROMBA Conference Organizing Team is kept to no more than 10 people, each of whom oversees an area of the conference content's planning .

Commitment-wise, the ROMBA Conference Leaders are generally engaged for 10 months with late March and August through October being the busier times. The team usually kicks off its planning in December. As conference leaders, you will be managing the content and flow of a major national conference. Different roles have slightly different timelines and commitments (e.g. overseeing tracks with competitions might be a bit of a later activity compared to building out an entrepreneur track's core content). However, time expectations can easily be managed depending on your area of interest and how you structure your team. This application is ONLY for the conference leadership team, in partnership with Reaching Out's full-time staff. Applications for session directors will be available in the spring.

Update: MBA2Ys and recent alumni who have graduated in the past five years are also eligible to apply.

All related travel, lodging, and planning expenses are covered for team members.

5. Resume (pdf preferred) *This question is required.
6. Please indicate which content areas you are interested in from the list of opportunities in the menu below. If you are not interested in a particular type of session, simply do not check it.