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K of C Soccer Challenge - 2020

Bishop McAuliffe 
Knights of Columbus - Council 12992
2020 Youth Soccer Challenge

De La Salle Soccer Field
Crusader Sports Complex
1305 Swifts Highway
Jefferson City, MO  65109

5:30 pm Registration

Girls' Challenge 
will be on Tuesday, October 13th from 6:00 - 9:00 pm 
Boys' Challenge will be on Tuesday, October 20th from 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Keep the Success Alive!  We have had international winners three out of the last four years. 


Knights of Columbus Council & District Level Soccer Challenge is a competition for players ages 9 through 14 demonstrating a great soccer skill -  the penalty kick.  Each player takes 15 kicks on goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal); there is no goalie.  The sum of the points from these kicks is their score.  

Goal is divided into five scoring zones.  Each participant takes 15 penalty kicks.  Points are based on the scoring zones through which the ball passes.  See diagram below.

Winners of the Council-Level challenges will compete for the Regional Challenge on Sunday, October 25 at the Westphalia Soccer Field  The soccer challenge is free and open to all.

For questions contact:

Tom Verry, – 573 291-2345  


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