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Batavia Park District Volunteer Program



1. Volunteer Application Process
2. Volunteer Application
3. Volunteer Waiver and Release
4. Welcome
5. Mission Statement
6. Volunteer Chain of Command
7. Code of Conduct
8. Volunteer Policies and Guidelines
9. Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgement


1. Volunteers must complete the following Volunteer Application which includes reviewing and signing the Volunteer Waiver & Release Form and the Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgement. Once completed, your application will be automatically sent to Debbie Gentry, Director of Marketing & Public Relations. Applications are also available at the Civic Center front desk at 327 W Wilson St.

2. The Director of Human Resources and Risk Management will forward the application to the appropriate department head who will determine which staff member will work with the volunteer.

3. In accordance with District policy, volunteers 15 years of age and older are required to have a criminal history background check. The District will pay for the background check and provide the proper paperwork. For confidentiality purposes, the completed background check form and results will only be seen by Human Resources.