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Backend Developer

3. This position is for an experienced developer.  Please indicate the number of years of paid professional experience you have coding in Python. *This question is required.
4. This position is for an experienced developer.  Please indicate the number of years of paid professional experience you have working with SQL databases? *This question is required.
This position requires a blend of skills and a person who thrives when solving unusual technical challenges.
7. How do you like to be involved in planning for the projects you work on? *This question is required.
I like being handed a plan and being given the freedom to execute
I prefer to be involved in the planning
I like leading the planning for things I work on
8. What is your first reaction when you are asked to complete tasks you haven't been trained for or fall outside of your job description? *This question is required.
This is great, I get to learn something new because I can get bored solving the same problems over and over
I really don't think about it and do what I'm told
I want to stick with my strengths to efficiently complete tasks
9. Skill of listening to others and knowing how to use what you learn and translate into product capabilities? *This question is required.
I have mastery in this area
I'm good at this, and could be better
Have limited experience doing a lot of listening outside of my close circle of workmates
10. How would others you have worked with rate you when it comes to patience? *This question is required.
I think they would say I'm extremely patient
Reasonably patient
Patient to a point, after that...
11. How important is variety in your daily job activity? *This question is required.
I'm more of a consistent, routine worker
Some variety is nice
I prefer tons of variety each day
12. How would you rate your coding and writing skills? *This question is required.
Both excellent - I could teach this stuff
Probably average or better
Not sure how I would rate myself
13. What would people say about you as a team member? *This question is required.Consider what others we could interview would say about you in this area.
I'm perceived as someone who is relatively quiet
As fine teammate who is somewhat vocal
I am perceived as outspoken and vocal about the direction of the group
14. When it comes to problem solving, what is your approach? *This question is required.This job involves a great deal of problem solving.  What is your style?
I study all the facts and alternatives to make sure I'm accurate
Use a combination of facts and intuition
Not sure I can describe the process, but not afraid of problems and am good at solving them
15. Your organizing skills *This question is required.
Give me a mess, and I'll have everything in its place
I'm good when I need to be
Not my favorite thing
16. How important is it for you to see what you accomplish each day? *This question is required.
I'm OK with the long haul perspective, I work the process and the end takes care of itself
Every few days I have to know I've done the right things
I've got to see what has been done daily and feel I'm making steady progress
17. Rate how you best respond in situations where there is much to be done and you need to provide your best contribution? *This question is required.
I'm my best when I have a few select things I need to get done
I've handled multiple things but I'm aware of my limits
Call me a juggler. The more you throw at me the more I can get done
18. Rank the following activities by order of your ability. *This question is required. Order the items from the following list. First select an item with the spacebar to show a menu of possible ranking positions. Next, click a ranking position to order it in the ranked list. Note the menu will display more ordering options as you add items to the ranked list.
We are looking for a win/win relationship, so please be candid.
29. Please attach your resume or letter of introduction here. *This question is required.