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CEO Roundtable Survey

This survey is conducted for the ASLA 2020 conference education session “Perpetual Adaptation: The design business in 2020 and lessons from the Great Recession”.  Given the events of 2020, the presenters are shifting the discussion from what worked in 2008 to comparing and contrasting 2008 and what firms and professionals are experiencing in 2020.  The intention is to share lessons learned and collect advice.  The secondary intent is to reveal our collective experience as professionals, and show those that may be struggling to enter the profession that they are not alone, and there are many paths to one’s career.  The results of this survey will be presented at ALSA in full or part, and full results may be publicly posted. 
1. Personal information (not required)
2. Please indicate how you want your response recorded and reported:
3. Please pick which are the most accurate statements for you?
4. Was your firm or place of work impacted by the Great Recession?
7. Have you found the strategies or lessons from the Great Recession applicable to the Coronavirus Recession?
12. If you would like the opportunity to share your thoughts, advice, or well wishes in video format to the class of 2020 and 2021, please include your email contact above and select "Yes" for this question. 

Your email will only be used for contact from a potential interviewer to conduct a zoom meeting interview, and will not be distributed, filed or reported with your response to the other survey questions as matching your response to the anonymity question.