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U.S. Army Synthetic Biology Roundtable

U.S. Army Synthetic Biology Roundtable

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will develop a Synthetic Biology Roundtable, in a neutral setting, for exploring synthetic biology and the associated science, policy and industry capabilities. The principal objective of the Roundtable is to improve coordination among the U.S. Army's research and development stakeholders and to increase awareness in the broader open science community of current and future capabilities.

The Roundtable will meet for three 1-day topical sessions. The first meeting will discuss the range of potential policy initiatives for the Army, the second meeting will discuss what synthetic biology sciences the Army might consider for its future battlefield, and the third will discuss what current industry and community capabilities the Army could leverage for partnerships. Meetings will be designed to facilitate a candid dialogue among participants and to foster effective collaboration between synthetic biology and Army communities.

We are looking to add 8-10 committee members within government, military, industry, and academia with expertise in synthetic biology science and technology, laboratory infrastructure management, policy development and administration, battlefield medicine, human performance, and biosphere ethics and regulation.

We invite you to submit nominations for committee members for these workshops by November 2, 2020. 

Contact information:
Name: Linda Walker
Phone: (202) 334-1311
Project website: