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2020 Family Business Executive Compensation Survey

About this Survey

Welcome to our inaugural Family Business Executive Compensation Survey!

Family Business Magazine is conducting this survey in partnership with Compensation Advisory Partners to address a critical gap in credible market information on total compensation for key executives in family businesses. We believe you will find this information of great value as you compete to attract and retain leadership talent for your company in this dynamic market.  

Benefit for completing this survey. This survey will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you complete the survey, the results will be made available to you. This is a "give and you get" survey. Only those who provide information will be able to see full searchable results. (We may publish averages or top-level results.) All responses are considered confidential, and no individual or organization will be identified in the report other than as a participant.

Confidentiality. In order to verify survey results, eliminate duplicate answers, and provide you with the results, we will ask you to provide your email address, and the company name for which you are responding. This data will be used only for these purposes of ensuring the validity of data and will be disconnected from any results. This information will not be shared with any outside party or partner, and will be maintained and protected solely by David Shaw, Publishing Director, Family Business Magazine.

Who should complete this survey? You will be asked your role with the company for which you provide data. You should only complete this survey if you are an owner/shareholder or manager of a family business (or their designee) and have access to accurate data for the pay levels and programs of the key executives in the company.
Please work with your Company’s HR department to access the HRIS or payroll system to get the accurate compensation data.

Before you begin this survey, we recommend you have the following data handy:
  • General demographic data for your company
  • Data on how executives are compensated including base salaries, annual bonuses, and long-term incentives
  • Information on the pay practices and incentive plan design

Deadline for submissions is December 5, 2020. If you can complete the survey before then, we would appreciate it.

Access to results. We anticipate that preliminary results will be available to all respondents by the middle of January 2020. The only way to obtain the full survey results, including data by company size and industry, is to participate.

Help make this survey as complete as possible. Feel free to forward the link to this survey to colleagues who are owners/shareholders or managers of family businesses.

Questions. If you have questions about the survey, please contact David Shaw at 301-963-6162 or