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Christmas cards and 2021 calendar | Martin Randall Travel

Christmas cards and 2021 calendar

The MRT print collection is extensive and extraordinary. For decades we have used antique engravings, lithographs and woodcuts to illustrate our brochures and website and they have served us well (see here on how the collection began). This year, we have looked for new ways to share them with you, cue, the Martin Randall Travel 2021 calendar and Christmas cards.

Please consider buying some. There is little point masking the motivation behind this. We are looking at alternative forms of income that will help see us through until we can take you travelling again. But may I also suggest that not only are both items handsome, they are a worthwhile reminder of the civilisations we love.

Thank you for all the support you have shown us over so many years, and especially this one.

With best wishes,

Fiona Charrington
Chief Executive

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