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AHA Scientific Sessions2020

   AHA 2020 Scientific Sessions Slide & Question Collection Site
Congratulations, for being selected as a speaker for the AHA Scientific Sessions 2020!

This site provides you an easy way  to submit your presentation Slides and/or CME Questions.  AHA requests ALL speakers  submit your presentation Slides.  Selected session/speakers are also asked to submit CME questions.   This site will illustrate if you need to submit "Slides Only" or "Slides & Questions" based on your session selection.  

If you need to look up your session ID and title, please click AHA Scientific Session 2020 Online Program Planner

Presentation Slides:  Please submit your presentation slides in PowerPoint (PPTX/PPT)

CME Questions: Please submit two CME questions in either Multiple Choice or True/False format
  • Multiple Choice format: Input question, one (1) Correct answer, four (4) Incorrect answers, and a brief justification.
  • True/False format: Input question, one (1) True answer, one (1) False Answer, and a brief rationale.
Once you have submitted your Slides and/or CME questions,  our team will review your submission and send you a confirmation email.  If you have any questions, please email .

 If you are speaking in multiple sessions, please click "Submit to Another Session" on the last page of the submission and repeat the process.

Click "Next" button to begin.