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Fall 2020 Business Survey - Economic Health

The City of Fort Collins is thrilled to be offering the outdoor dining expansion into the fall and winter months. Our city’s small and local businesses make up the fabric of our community. We are thankful for the many businesses that have taken advantage of this program to be able to safely welcome more customers, bring employees back to work and continue to find ways to survive – and eventually thrive – for the love of our community. 

As we continue to move forward, the City’s Economic Health Office is looking for more insight to help us continue to assist businesses as much as we can. Please reflect on changes you’ve made to your business over the last few months when responding to these questions. This survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

1. What percentage of revenue would you estimate is from outdoor dining/retail?
2. Will you be offering outdoor dining/retail this fall and/or winter?
3. If so, what are you doing to winterize your space? (select all that apply) 
3. If a grant were available, would this change your approach to outdoor dining/retail during the colder months?
4. What percentage of your business would you estimate is from delivery?
5. What percentage of your business would you estimate is from carryout?
6. Do you use a 3rd party delivery service and/or deliver? 
7. If so, what is your delivery charge?
7. How have you seen consumer confidence change since May? 
8. Have you made changes to your digital strategy, such as changes to your website, social media, or online services?