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CIEH Local Authority Workforce Survey

About the survey

After a break of six years, we have decided to repeat our workforce survey from 2014 to better understand the state of the environmental health workforce. The data we gather will feed into our work to make the case for the importance and value provided by environmental health practitioners to people’s health, businesses and wider society. We will use the information to campaign for more funding and resources for Environmental Health Practitioners. Last but not least, we aim to learn more about your needs so that we can improve our services and resources, in order to make CIEH membership more relevant at a time of great change.

Who should complete this survey?

This survey should be completed on behalf of the whole local authority. We would therefore like to invite Heads of Service, the most Senior Environmental Health Practitioners or someone who has good insight into environmental health services provided across the authority to take part. 

If you cannot complete this survey, please help us to get in touch with the right person, by contacting your Head of Service or other senior EHP who might hold the right information.

We are taking this approach as environmental health functions can be spread across several departments/directorates and in some local authorities in England we are aware there is no ‘environmental health service’ or department but there are environmental health practitioners dotted across several departments of the Council. This approach is also most effective at a time of stretched resources and pressures.

We are running a separate survey to capture information about Environmental Health Practitioners working in other public sector organisations, the private and third sectors, which can be found here.

Is this survey UK wide?

Yes, we are encouraging submissions from all UK nations.

What kinds of questions will we be asking?

Questions will cover information about:
  • Your local authority, environmental health services provided and any recent changes to these
  • Changes to budgets of environmental health services
  • The numbers of Environmental Health Practitioners employed by your local authority and their area of work/specialism
  • The work of Environmental Health Practitioners in response to COVID 19
  • Recruitment and retention of Environmental Health Practitioners
  • Training and development needs of Environmental Health Practitioners

What is the deadline and how long does it take to complete?

Due to the pressures that many EHPs are under at the moment, we have decided to extend the survey by 2 weeks to give everyone the opportunity to respond. The new deadline is Monday 30 November 2020.

The survey has been designed to be easy to complete, whilst providing us with essential information. There are a maximum of 38 questions, most of which are multiple choice. The survey should take around 15 mins to complete.

Why now?

We appreciate this is not an ordinary year and that teams are under unprecedented pressure as a consequence of the pandemic. However, there is never a good time to run a survey like this. The profession is finally being noticed and recognised by Government. We believe this is due to the pragmatic and proportionate approach adopted by officers around the country. To enable us to be a more effective organisation, promoting and championing the profession, we need better insight into the workforce. We are therefore asking you to give up 15 minutes to complete the survey. If you need a short extension to the deadline, please get in touch.

Any questions about this survey or to discuss it further please contact us at