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2021 Award of Continued Excellence (ACE)

American Public Power Association

 Award of Continued Excellence Nomination

The ACE was established in 2000 by the DEED board of directors in honor of the program's 20th anniversary. The award recognizes up to two DEED member utilities that have demonstrated continued commitment to the DEED program and its ideals. These include, but are not limited to: support of research, development and demonstration projects; commitment to smart, sustainable energy principals such as energy-effiency and conservation; investigation/use of new methods, techniques, and technologies to improve utility operations and energy services to customers; and support of public power.

DEED members in good standing for the last five years are eligible for nomination for this award. DEED members and APPA staff members may nominate DEED member utilities. DEED members may nominate their own utility or another DEED member utility.

The winner is chosen by a sub-committee of eligible members of the DEED board of directors.

Nominations are due by February 12, 2021.

Please refer to the DEED Policy Manual for more details on this award.

Questions? Contact DEED program staff at 202-467-2942 or 202-467-2960 or

In order to assist filling out this application, please feel free to request any DEED grant/student internship information or DEED membership information regarding your utility by contacting us.

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