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2021 Energy Innovator Award (EIA)

American Public Power Association

 Energy Innovator Award (EIA) Nomination

DEED recognizes the innovative programs of its members through the Energy Innovator Award. These awards are made annually to honor utilities that have demonstrated advances in the development or application of creative, energy-efficient techniques or technologies.

Only APPA members who are current members of DEED and were members of the DEED program in 2020 are eligible to submit programs for award consideration. DEED member utilities may submit only ONE application for this award each year. Refer to the DEED Policy Manual for more details on this award.

Energy Innovator Award winners are chosen by an outside panel of judges carefully selected from leaders in the energy industry, public office, the media, and private business. Creativity, resource efficiency, benefits to consumers, transferability, and project scope in relation to utility size are some of the criteria used by judges when evaluating nominations.

Please do not send additional materials such as videotapes, software, and brochures which cannot be distributed to the judges. Instead, please provide narrative descriptions of any multimedia or audiovisual elements of your program. URLs (NOT embedded hyperlinks) with a description of the page can be provided in your responses.

Submission Instructions: Complete this survey form and hit submit. The form will automatically be sent to the DEED program staff. Please submit nominations no later than February 12, 2021. Please note that responses to the entire application may not exceed the length of six typed pages on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Questions? Please contact DEED program staff at 202-467-2942 or via email at