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Mentor Application



Community-based: Minimum of one-year commitment; every two weeks; 3-4 hours per visit.
E-Mentoring: Minimum of one-year commitment; live chatting weekly; 4-8 hours per month

Commitment to developing a supportive relationship with a child between the ages of 6-18 who lost a parent or sibling by post 9/11 military service.

•    Sincere desire to be personally involved with a child to help him or her achieve their potential;
•    Ability to communicate with children openly and nonjudgmentally;
•    Strong listening skills;
•    Ability to establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect;
•    Interest in the needs and concerns of children experiencing grief/bereavement;
•    Sensitivity to persons of different educational, economic, cultural, sexual identities and orientations or racial backgrounds.

•    Make a minimum of a one-year commitment to developing and maintaining a mentor relationship with a child;
•    Attend basic mentor training/orientation before being matched with a child;
•    Attend ongoing mentor trainings annually and/or support sessions, as scheduled by the Mentoring Director;
•    Meet with mentee on a regular basis to establish a positive and trusting relationship, whether that is in person or virtually as an e- mentor. All meetings are either in the mentee's home with guardian supervision or in the local community and NOT in the mentor's home;
•    Assist mentee in problem solving regarding life issues that may arise and/or may interfere with them achieving success;
•    Contact Mentoring Staff twice a month to discuss progress of relationship;
•    Complete evaluations/surveys as requested
•    Have fun


•    Be at least 21 years old
•    Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
•    Be willing to complete the application and screening process
•    Have access to an automobile, auto insurance, and a good driving record
(community-based only)
•    Have access to technology and a strong Internet connection that allows for live chatting
(e-mentoring only)
•    Have full support from spouse and immediate family members to become a mentor
•    Have a clean criminal history
•    Not use illicit drugs
•    Not use alcohol or controlled substances in an excessive manner and/or with the mentee
•    Not be currently in treatment for substance use
•    Provide consent for therapist reference if currently/have been in treatment in past five years

•    Complete written volunteer application
•    Check driving record and submit copy of current auto insurance coverage
(community-based only)
•    Check criminal history
•    Check state Sex Offender Registry (in every state you have resided)
•    Provide four personal references and employer reference
•    Provide therapist reference if applicant has seen a therapist in the past five years
•    Complete personal interview
•    Attend 2 hours of basic mentor training and ongoing trainings each year

All provided information will be utilized to create ideal match connections. Information will be kept confidential.