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Mentor Application

Welcome Message

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a mentor in the Jewish Youth Mentoring Program! We know you may have questions about what will be expected from you as a mentor.  Being a mentor is not complicated or especially time consuming; however it does involve a consistent commitment that will result in a positive impact for youth in our community.  

What does it take to be a mentor?  Ask yourself if you can...

•    Meet your mentee consistently, two to four times per month
•    Commit to being a mentor to your mentee for at least 12 months from match date. Studies show that youth achieve the greatest impacts when they have been matched for at least one year.
•    Dedicate the time with your mentee to just the two of you. Your undivided attention is essential in helping a youth reach their full potential.
•    Contact the Program Manager each month.  The Program Manager will be there to guide your match relationship: to answer your questions, offer advice, help you and your mentee have a safe and fun relationship, and share match activity ideas. 
•    Have reliable transportation and/or technology for meeting with your mentee.

As you consider becoming a mentor, be aware that significant life changes can negatively impact your ability to consistently spend time with your mentee.  While none of the events listed below would disqualify you from becoming a mentor, we do want you to consider them as they could ultimately affect the quality and length of your match.  Looking forward in the next year, do you anticipate any of the following significant life events?

•    Changing jobs or employment status
•    Marital/family status (marriage, divorce, pregnancy, adoption, caring for parent, etc.)
•    Moving (either within the area or out of the area)
•    School status (expecting an especially busy semester, changing schools, graduating)

Based upon the information above, do you feel this is the right time for you to be a mentor? We hope your answer is "Yes!", but if you have questions, you will have the opportunity during your interview to speak with the Program Manager about your individual situation.  Remember: being a mentor isn't about finding time for a mentee; it's about inviting a mentee into the life you are already living.  We look forward to partnering with you to support our mission of promoting positive social-emotional-spiritual development and increasing engagement in the Jewish community by facilitating strong and meaningful relationships between Jewish youth and mentors.