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IBM Community & Support Forums Research Sign-up

We are making improvements to IBM Community and IBM Support Forums and want your input. Please complete this brief research recruitment survey to help us improve your experience with using these resources. 
1. Which of the following matches your relationship to IBM? (Select all that apply)
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2. Which of the following options match your job role? (Select all that apply) 
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4. Please list the products you interact with the most (top 5) 
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6. Which of the following IBM resources do you currently use?

Take a look at the following links:
IBM Communities
Support Forums
About how often do you use IBM Community?
About how often do you use IBM Support Forums?
In what ways do you interact with IBM Community? 
In what ways do you interact with IBM Support Forums? 
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What's in it for you:
If selected to participate, you will have the opportunity to share your specific needs and use cases with our team so we can make better decisions about the IBM forum and community experience and other tools you use. There may also be opportunities for you to see new, yet to be released, designs so you can provide your feedback before they are released. 

If you should choose to extend your participation, you could become a Sponsor User, a dedicated IBM client who provides regular feedback and input to shape IBM products and services. IBM Sponsor Users become an important part of our design teams and they help us ensure our offerings meet the needs of users like you.