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Sherlock Center Purchase Request Form

This form is for Sherlock Center personnel use only. 

Please use this form to request pre-approved:
  • Supplies / Equipment 
  • Conference fees / travel expenses
  • Payment of an invoice
  • Reimbursement for an out-of-pocket expense
  • Honorariums /Stipends
Note: Some requests require back up documentation (invoice, registration form, etc.). Documentation available in electronic form can be uploaded with the request. Documentation in paper form must be provided to Erika along with a summary of the electronic request. A summary will be provided on screen and by email upon submitting the form. 

You have the option of saving and completing this request over multiple sessions. Contact Erika at 456-8072 or if you have any questions or need to submit the request in an alternative format.

Enter RIC User Name (First Initial + Last Name):