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2021 Community Support Programs Annual Survey, F-02112 (03/2022)


The Community Support Programs (CSP) Annual Survey asks a variety of questions about the operations of your CSP in calendar year 2021. Results will be used by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to inform improvements and direct training and technical assistance efforts. The topics in the survey for which you will need to collect information include:
1. Enrollment Information
2. Consumer Discharge Status
3. Consumer Discharge - Transition to Other Services
4. Consumer Demographic Information
5. Medical Conditions and Substance Use
6. Use of Evidence-Based Practices
7. Waiting List
8. Suicide Risk Screening and Assessment
9. Staff Roles
10. Staff Turnover
11. COVID-19 and Telehealth
12. Recommendations for 2022

The survey requires some research and data collection. A survey worksheet link was referenced in the survey notification email.  Please use this to record your answers before completing this web survey.  Then it may be used for data entry of your responses in the web survey. 

Complete only one survey per certified program. If you manage more than one program, please complete a separate survey for each program. If your program serves multiple counties, please complete just one survey for your entire program. 

All questions with an asterisk (*) require a response.

If you cannot complete the survey all at once, you may click the "save and continue" button at the top of each page and return to the survey later to complete it. 

Please complete this survey by Friday, April 29, 2022. If you have any questions or difficulties with the survey, please contact Tim Connor at
Thank you!