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NCHC22 Presentation Changes

All presentation changes must be submitted through this form for NCHC22. Please select what type of change you are requesting, including if you wish to cancel your presentation, and provide additional details in the appropriate fields below.

Please submit separate requests if requesting changes to multiple presentations.

You will receive an email indicating whether the requested change has been accepted or denied within two weeks of the request.  Please plan to check the conference program when posted in both August (online program) and September (full PDF program) to make sure presentation details are correct.

No changes to submitted abstracts will be accepted as proposals were accepted or denied based on the content of the abstracts.  You may request a change to the proposal's program description to better describe your presentation and applicable abstract.

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas, Texas November 2-6, 2022 for NCHC22!

Changes will be accepted through August 31, 2022. We cannot guarantee any requests made after this date can be made in the conference program.  

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Presenters to Add (must provide NAME, INSTITUTION, ROLE and EMAIL)

Presenters will not be added if they are already associated with two presentations per conference guidelines.

All additional presenters must be attending and registering for conference to be listed.
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Presenters to Remove

Please list names, institutions, and emails and indicate whether they will still be attending the conference.
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